Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Streaming WS-Security MTOM support in Apache CXF

Apache CXF 3.0.0 introduced the new streaming (StAX-based) WS-security implementation via new functionality available in the core libraries - Apache WSS4J 2.0.0 and Apache Santuario 2.0.0. The StAX-based approach is more limited than the older DOM-based alternative, and in general slightly slower. However it can come into its own when sending or processing very large documents due to the low memory footprint of the library.

In addition, support was added in Apache CXF 3.2.0 for the DOM library to send and process WS-Security messages using MTOM. Essentially what this means is that we can compress WS-Security secured SOAP messages, by storing binary content in message attachments, instead of inlining them in the message (via BASE-64 encoding). When MTOM is enabled, Apache CXF will automatically use this functionality for WS-Security. However up until now, this functionality has not been available for the streaming WS-Security library.

This is set to change in Apache CXF 3.2.5. Support has been added in Apache Santuario to process CipherValue message elements in the streaming XML Security code that contain a "xop:Include" reference to a message attachment. Some fixes in Apache WSS4J build on this support, also adding support for processing BinarySecurityToken Elements that include 'xop:Include' instead of the inlined bytes. Both of these sets of changes are supported in Apache CXF in the following JIRA.

What this means is that Apache CXF 3.2.5 onwards will be able to process WS-Security enabled SOAP messages over MTOM. Please note however that support is limited to processing messages. The streaming code still inlines message bytes on the outbound side, unlike the DOM implementation. This could perhaps be implemented in the future if there is sufficient demand.

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