Tuesday, March 1, 2011

[WSS4J 1.6] Beta release

Following the announcement of an (unofficial) alpha release of WSS4J 1.6 a few weeks back, I'm pleased to announce that a beta release of WSS4J 1.6 has been created:
I have created an "unofficial" WSS4J 1.6-beta release. Please download
and play around with it etc. As it is a beta release, it is *not*
suitable for production in any way, and the APIs are subject to
change. The distribution is available here:


and the Maven artifacts are available here:


Only three JIRAs are currently open against 1.6.0:


WSS-268 involves getting Opensaml2 into Maven central, WSS-257 is
partially complete, and WSS-256 is mostly complete. I plan on creating
a Release Candidate in about a week, and calling a vote in about 2
CXF trunk has already been upgraded to use a WSS4J 1.6-SNAPSHOT dependency.

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