Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WSS4J 1.6.1 released

Apache WSS4J 1.6.1 has been released. The distribution can be downloaded here, and the list of issues that have been fixed is here. There are a number of bug fixes to the new functionality introduced in the 1.6.0 release, including some fixes to the SAML Assertion creation code, and a fix to get WSS4J 1.6 working with the IBM JDK. A noteworthy new feature is support for CRLs, as documented by a previous blog post.

In other news, my employer has published a short questionnaire to find out what topics users of open-source integration software are interested in learning about. So for example if you are interested in hearing more from me on enabling security in Apache CXF, navigate to the CXF part of the survey and select the appropriate checkbox for "WS-Security in Apache CXF".

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