Monday, October 22, 2012

Apache XML Security for Java 1.5.3 released

Apache XML Security for Java 1.5.3 has been released. This release features support for new XML Signature 1.1 KeyInfo extensions. It also fixes a number of bugs including a problem when message sizes are greater than 512 MB. The list of issues fixed is available at the Apache JIRA.


  1. i am using fediz IDP server internally. i am trying to intercept the SAML token in the inteceptor and populate the data into spring security (AccessManager, Authentication, etc) for both authentication and authorization. can you direct me to folks working on similar?


  2. Write an email to the CXF user's mailing list.


  3. Hi,

    Need a help on the config part of Apache XML security over unix.. I downloaded the .zip from apatche site but don't know how to use it. I've very basic knowledge on java ..

    I need step by step guide on how to configure this lib on java on unix..where to place in the lib files....etc..

    any help would be highly appreciated.