Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Apache WSS4J 2.0.0 - part VIII

This is the eight and final article on Apache WSS4J 2.0.0. In the previous post, I discussed how to use the new streaming WS-Security functionality of Apache WSS4J 2.0.0 via the "action" based configuration approach. In this post, I will show how the new streaming functionality can be used with Apache CXF when using WS-SecurityPolicy. I will also discuss the limitations of the streaming code compared to the older DOM implementation of WS-Security.

1) Streaming WS-Security functionality via WS-SecurityPolicy

As stated in the previous article, WSS4J must be used with a SOAP stack such as Apache CXF, Axis, etc. to secure messages via WS-Security. Both CXF and Axis support WS-SecurityPolicy, which means that you can use a standard WS-Policy expression to configure the security requirements for your service, and CXF/Axis/etc. will parse the policy and set up WSS4J appropriately. The user only has to configure things like usernames, keystores, etc. Apache CXF 3.0.0 supports using the new streaming functionality of Apache WSS4J 2.0.0, via the new boolean JAX-WS property:
  • SecurityConstants.ENABLE_STREAMING_SECURITY ("ws-security.enable.streaming") - whether to use the new streaming WS-Security implementation with WS-SecurityPolicy, or the older DOM implementation. The default is "false".
So switching to use the new streaming implementation is as simple as setting a boolean configuration property on your CXF client/endpoint.

2) Limitations of the streaming WS-Security implementation in WSS4J 2.0.0

WS-Security (and WS-SecurityPolicy) covers a wide area in terms of requirements and features. The new streaming implementation in WSS4J 2.0.0 meets 90%+ of the most common use-cases. However, some things are not implemented, and the user will have to use the DOM implementation instead for these requirements. The limitations are:
  • XPath evaluation is not supported apart from certain simple expressions. XPath evaluations are used with WS-SecurityPolicy RequiredElements, SignedElements, (Content)EncryptedElements. XPath expressions that point directly to the element are supported, e.g. /soap:Envelope/soap:Header/wsa:To.
  • WS-SecurityPolicy "Strict" Layout validation is not enforced. This includes enforcing whether a Timestamp is first or last.
  • A SymmetricBinding policy with a ProtectTokens assertion is not supported.
  • The combination of EncryptBeforeSigning + EncryptSignature policies are not supported.
  • Deriving keys from Username Tokens (Endorsing Username Tokens) are not supported.
  • Endorsing tokens don't work with Symmetric + Asymmetric binding on the client side, unless the endorsing token is a SAML or IssuedToken.
  • Derived Endorsing Tokens are not supported on the client side.

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