Friday, June 17, 2016

A new REST interface for the Apache CXF Security Token Service - part II

The previous blog entry introduced the new REST interface of the Apache CXF Security Token Service. It covered issuing, renewing and validating tokens via HTTP GET and POST with a focus on SAML tokens. In this post, we'll cover the new support in the STS to issue and validate JWT tokens via the REST interface, as well as how we can transform SAML tokens into JWT tokens, and vice versa. For information on how to configure the STS to support JWT tokens (via WS-Trust), please look at a previous blog entry.

1) Issuing JWT Tokens

We can retrieve a  JWT Token from the REST interface of the STS simply by making a HTTP GET request to "/token/jwt". Specify the "appliesTo" query parameter to insert the service address as the audience of the generated token. You can also include various claims in the token via the "claim" query parameter.

If an "application/xml" accept type is specified, or if multiple accept types are specified (as in a browser), the JWT token is wrapped in a "TokenWrapper" XML Element by the STS:

If "application/json" is specified, the JWT token is wrapped in a simple JSON Object as follows:

If "text/plain" is specified, the raw JWT token is returned. We can also get a JWT token using HTTP POST by constructing a WS-Trust RequestSecurityToken XML fragment, specifying "urn:ietf:params:oauth:token-type:jwt" as the WS-Trust TokenType.

2) Validating JWT Tokens and token transformation

We can also validate JWT Tokens by POSTing a WS-Trust RequestSecurityToken to the STS. The raw (String) JWT Token must be wrapped in a "TokenWrapper" XML fragment, which in turn is specified as the value of "ValidateTarget". Also, an "action" query parameter must be added with value "validate".

A powerful feature of the STS is the ability to transform tokens from one type to another. This is done by making a validate request for a given token, and specifying a value for "TokenType" that corresponds to a token type that is desired.  In this way we can validate a SAML token and issue a JWT Token, and vice versa.

To see some examples of how to do token validation as well as token transformation, please take a look at the following tests, which use the CXF WebClient to invoke on the REST interface of the STS.

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