Thursday, May 28, 2015

SAML SSO RP Metadata support in Apache CXF

Apache CXF provides comprehensive support for SSO using the SAML Web SSO profile for CXF-based JAX-RS services. In Apache CXF 3.1.0 (and 3.0.5), a new Metadata service is available to allow for the publishing of SAML SSO Metadata for a given service.

The MetadataService class is available on a "metadata" path and provides a single @GET method that returns the service metadata in XML format. It has the following properties which should be configured:
  • String serviceAddress - The URL of the service
  • String assertionConsumerServiceAddress - The URL of the RACS. If it is co-located with the service, then it can be the same URL as for the serviceAddress.
  • String logoutServiceAddress - The URL of the logout service (if available).
  • boolean addEndpointAddressToContext - Whether to add the full endpoint address to the values configured above. The default is false.
In addition, the MetadataService extends the AbstractSSOSpHandler, which contains various properties that are required to sign the metadata (keystore alias, crypto properties file which references the keystore, etc.). A sample spring-based configuration for the MetadataService is available in the CXF system tests here. Here is the sample output when accessed via a web brower:

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