Friday, September 7, 2018

Exploring Apache Knox - part IV

This is the fourth in a series of blog posts exploring some of the security features of Apache Knox. The previous couple of posts looked at authenticating to the (REST API) of Apache Knox using a token, obtained from either the Apache Knox token service or a third party JWT provider. Authenticating using a token works well when we have a client application invoking on Apache Knox, but what about if we want to use a browser instead? In this post we will look at how to achieve single sign-on using the Knox SSO service.

1) Set up the Apache Knox SSO service

To start with, follow the first tutorial to set up Apache Knox as well as the backend Apache Hadoop cluster we are trying to obtain a file from. There is no need to create a new topology file in Apache Knox for the Knox SSO service, as it already ships with a "knoxsso.xml" file. Note that it contains a "KNOXSSO" service as well as a "knoxauth" application. The idea is that the user first browses to the Knox topology secured with a special provider that redirects the browser to the Knox SSO service. The user then authenticates to the LDAP backend using a form (knoxauth). The Knox SSO service then issues a cookie that can be used to access the desired service, and redirects back to the service.

2) Secure a topology using the "SSOCookieProvider" provider

Next we need to create a topology which is secured using a cookie issued by Knox SSO. Copy "conf/topologies/sandbox.xml" to "conf/topologies/sandbox-sso.xml". Remove the existing Shiro authentication provider and instead add the "SSOCookieProvider" as follows:
Note that this is configured with a parameter ("sso.authentication.provider.url") which corresponds to the URL to redirect the browser to for authentication. Now open a browser and navigate to:
  • https://localhost:8443/gateway/sandbox-sso/webhdfs/v1/data/LICENSE.txt?op=OPEN
Authenticate to Knox SSO using the LDAP credentials "guest" and "guest-password" and click on "Sign in". A cookie will be created and the browser redirected to the original URL where "LICENSE.txt" can be downloaded.

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