Friday, September 21, 2018

Exploring Apache Knox - part VIII

This is the eighth and final post in a series of blog posts exploring some of the security features of Apache Knox. The previous post looked at how to authorize access to Apache Knox using Apache Ranger. We have also previously looked at how to achieve single sign-on using the Knox SSO service. In this post we will combine aspects of both, to show how we can use Knox SSO to achieve single sign-on for the Apache Ranger admin service UI.

As a prerequisite to this tutorial, follow the first tutorial to set up and run Apache Knox.

1) Configure the Apache Knox SSO service

First we'll make a few changes to the Apache Knox SSO Service to get it working with Apache Ranger. Copy "conf/topologies/knoxsso.xml" to "conf/topologies/knoxsso-ranger.xml". Change the "redirectToUrl" parameter in the "ShiroProvider" to redirect to "knoxsso-ranger" instead of "knoxsso". We also need to make some changes to the "KNOXSSO" service configuration, due to the fact that we have not configured the Ranger Admin Service to run on TLS. Change the "KNOXSSO" service in the topology file as follows (note: this should not be done in production as it is not secure to set "" to "false"):
Apache Ranger must be configured to trust the signing certificate of the Knox SSO service. In ${knox.home}/data/security/keystores, export the certificate from the jks file via (specifying the master secret as the password):
  • keytool -keystore gateway.jks -export-cert -file gateway.cer -alias gateway-identity -rfc
2) Configure Apache Ranger to use the Knox SSO service

Next we'll look at configuring Apache Ranger to use the Knox SSO Service. Edit 'conf/ranger-admin-site.xml' and add/edit the following properties:
  • ranger.truststore.file - ${knox.home}/data/security/keystores/gateway.jks
  • ranger.truststore.password - the truststore password
  • ranger.sso.enabled - true
  • ranger.sso.providerurl - https://localhost:8443/gateway/knoxsso-ranger/api/v1/websso
  • ranger.sso.publicKey - Edit gateway.cer we exported above and paste in the content between the BEGIN + END part here.
3) Log in to the Ranger Admin Service UI using Knox SSO

Now we're reading to log in to the Ranger Admin Service UI. Start Ranger via "sudo ranger-admin start" and open a browser at "http://localhost:6080". You will be re-directed to the Knox SSO login page. Login with credentials of "admin/admin-password". We will be redirected back to the Ranger Admin UI and logged in automatically as the "admin" user.

4) Some additional configuration parameters

Finally, there are some additional configuration parameters we can set on both the Knox and Ranger sides. It's possible to enforce that the KNOX SSO (JWT) token has a required audience claim in Ranger, by setting the "ranger.sso.audiences" configuration parameter in "conf/ranger-admin-site.xml". The audience claim can be set in the "KNOXSSO" service configuration via the "knoxsso.token.audiences" configuration property. It is also possible to change the default signature algorithm by specifying "ranger.sso.expected.sigalg" in Ranger (for example "RS512") and "knoxsso.token.sigalg" in Knox.

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